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 What Is Freestyle Libre?

Man wearing the Freestyle Libre in the backyard while petting his dog

Are you a diabetic wondering what the Freestyle Libre is? If you don’t like pricking your fingers to get glucose readings, you may want to consider a simple and  painless scan with the Freestyle Libre.

Why do I need the Freestyle Libre?

If you have diabetes, the FreeStyle Libre 2 system can aid in the continued control of your diabetes. Participants in the program have expressed more confidence in their ability to control their diabetes.

How do I pay for Freestyle Libre?

You can be eligible for a coupon for a free sensor for the top-ranked CGM system in the world if you have health insurance or pay cash. Check with your health insurance provider to see what criteria you need to meet in order to be covered.

Which Freestyle Libre system should I use?

There are four models designed to manage your diabetes as follows:

  • The FreeStyle Libre 2 app includes real-time glucose alarms to your mobile devices , but this model is a larger unit.
  • The Freestyle Libre 3 connects to your mobile app to give you real-time glucose readings, but this model is a smaller unit.

Is the Freestyle Libre safe for kids?

The FreeStyle Libre 2 system is available for children with diabetes, ages 4 and above. Your child can try the system for free† today!

How to view your glucose on the Freestyle Libre 3 app:

Oriental man wearing the Freestyle Libre while in the kitchen with his wife and child

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