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Caring for someone with a Colostomy Bag

Patient with a colostomy complicated by a large parastomal hernia, which is when tissue protrudes adjacent to the stoma tract.

When caregiving for an elderly person who wears a colostomy bag, taking care of the skin around the stoma is very important.

Always have skin on your abdomen that is similar to skin everywhere, including the area around your stoma. However, ostomy output can irritate or irritate this skin. Here are some suggestions for maintaining good skin:

  • Use the proper skin barrier opening and bag size. The stoma may become cut or injured and may enlarge if the entrance is too tiny. The outflow could irritate the skin if the hole is too large. Change the skin barrier or pouch in both situations, and put in a well-fitting replacement. 

  • The pouching system should be changed frequently to prevent leaks and skin discomfort. It's crucial to change your pouch on a regular basis. Don't wait for leaks or other warning indications, including burning or itching.

  • Be careful when removing the pouching system from the skin, and unless there is a problem, only do it once each day. Instead of ripping the skin barrier away from the skin, gently remove it by pressing your skin away from the sticky barrier. 

  • Use water to wash the skin around the stoma. Before applying the skin barrier or pouch, the skin must be fully dry.

  • Inspect the adhesive, skin barrier, paste, tape, or pouch material for sensitivities and allergies. Because you can get sensitized over time, they may appear after using a product for a few days, several months, or even several years. Try a pouch cover or a different kind of pouch if your skin only becomes inflamed where the plastic pouch meets it. If needed, a stoma nurse can provide suggestions. You can buy pouch covers from supply companies or construct your own. To find out how different products affect your skin, you might need to test them out first.

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