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Drug Disposal

Drug Disposal box near me

Proper disposal of medication is important for the community. Finding a medication drop off box near you can help get rid of your old medicine hanging around the house. Make certain to securely and properly dispose of all leftover prescription as quickly as time permits.  Here is a list of pharmacies that will help you dispose your unwanted medication safely.

CVS Pharmacy

Does CVS offer DisposeRx?

All CVS Pharmacy locations that do not currently have a safe medication disposal kiosk now offer DisposeRx packets at no cost to patients filling an opioid prescription for the first time. According to the manufacturer, when water and the DisposeRx powder are added to a pill bottle with unwanted prescription medications the combination produces a biodegradable gel, allowing for safe disposal at home.

Does CVS dispose of old medications?

Unneeded or expired prescriptions left in the home can lead to accidental poisoning and can be an easy source for those seeking to misuse or abuse prescription medication.

Find a CVS drug drop off location 

Walgreens Pharmacy 

Does Walgreens offer DisposeRx packets?

DisposeRx packets make it safe to throw medication in your home trash. The packets have a powder that you mix with water right in the medication bottle so that the medication becomes unusable and safe for the environment. To get DisposeRx packets for your medications, just ask in any Walgreens pharmacy. For additional information, visit DisposeRx.com.

Walgreens Medication disposal kiosks

Almost 1,500 Walgreens pharmacies offer kiosks where you can bring your unwanted, unused or expired medication and drop it in. The kiosks accept most prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Find a Walgreens drop off location 

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