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 Caregiver CPR Training

CPR is a combination of chest compressions and breaths and provides critical blood flow and oxygen to the heart and brain. If CPR is started within three to five (3-5) minutes of collapse, it increases a victim’s chance of survival and reduces the chance of permanent damage.

Why should caregivers get CPR Training?

It's critical to know CPR and fundamental medical aid tips for seniors, particularly when an unforeseen heart failure happens. Some fast emergency treatment tips for heart failure is to utilize both of your hands on top of the other and press solidly on the senior's breastbone and delivery. Call 911 and go on with the chest compressions.

CPR Saves Lives

As of now, around 9 out of 10 individuals who have heart failure outside the medical clinic kick the bucket. Be that as it may, CPR can assist with working on those chances. In the event that it is acted in the initial couple of moments of heart failure, CPR can twofold or triple an individual's opportunity of endurance.

CPR is merciless, particularly for seniors

A significant finish of-life thought for seniors is whether they would need to have CPR assuming their heart quits pulsating or on the other hand on the off chance that they quit relaxing.What we normally see on TV portrays CPR and leads a considerable lot of us to figure everybody would need it. All things considered, the CPR displayed on TV is fast, easy, and quite often works.

In actuality, the CPR cycle is merciless and endurance rates are low. Prior to settling on a decision about CPR, it's fundamental for seniors to know the dangers, benefits, and their opportunity of recuperation.

How do I get my CPR certification?

As a caregiver, you can Get your Online CPR and First Aid Certification today.

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